Soulmate Natural's Organic Beauty Products; Why Your Skin Deserves It

We all have heard of the benefits of nourishing your body with organic foods. Your skin also deserves the same kind of special care by using organic beauty products. Sadly, many beauty products on the market today include a shameful amount of potentially toxic chemicals such as parabens (which have been linked to cancer) to formaldehyde to petroleum waxes, your everyday lotion can contain toxic combinations you never even thought about. Soulmate Natural's organic skincare products cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize your skin without using any of these noxious artificial chemicals or additives. 

Organic White Willow is an ingredient in Soulmate Natural's Organic & Vitamin Enriched Daily Facial Cream

Soulmate Natural's Organic Beauty Products Are Not Only Good For Your Skin, But Also Your Health

 All of the chemical-laden soaps, lotions, and creams that you use on a daily basis on your skin is absorbed into your body. That means common artificial chemicals in conventional beauty products, like phthalates, parabens, petroleum waxes and others, go straight into your body. Scary! Even more worrisome, many of the chemicals in beauty products have never been tested, so any potential health problems they can cause are virtually unknown.

Your skin will thank you for choosing Soulmate Natural's organic beauty products. These products will only include organic ingredients that meet the same growing standards as organic food. That means no ingredients grown with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. 

Soulmate Natural's organic products work better simply because they are made with superior ingredients. All of Soulmate Natural's products contain pure, fresh and simple ingredients. They work the same way as eating and preparing a fresh organic meal. Better ingredients mean better results. People with sensitive skin can especially benefit from Soulmate Natural's organic beauty products that contain high-quality ingredients that won’t aggravate or worsen skin.

When choosing a beauty product or regimin that will create lasting beauty inside and out, it is wisest for yourself and your environment to choose organic. Your skin and health will thank you for it.

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